My Texas Crockpot Chili

Texas Crockpot Chili If you are from Texas, like I am, you will have a great appreciation for Chili.  One trick to making a great chili is to slowly build flavor by simmering awhile so everything can cook…the longer the better!  So this is what I have here…my Texas Crockpot Chili!

Chinese Buffet Green Beans

Chinese Buffet Green Beans I don’t know about you but I love Chinese Buffet Green Beans.  I am not sure when I had them for the first time, but ever since then I have been a dedicated fan!!  These are a perfect compliment to any Asian-inspired meal! 


Beef Pancit

Pancit (pronounced “Pan-sit”) is a Chinese-Filipino dish that includes rice stick noodles…one of my favorites!  You might have seen these noodles in the Chinese Buffet Restaurants and next to them, you might also see me piling my plate with them! 


Tex-Mex Beef & Rice Soup

Tex-Mex Beef & Rice Soup Soup is one of my favorite meals for lunch.  No matter what time of year it is…hot or cold…I always love a bowl of soup like this one.  I am from Texas so I am no stranger to Tex-Mex cuisine…we go way back! (more…)

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffles

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffles 2 Weekend morning breakfast and not sure what to make?  This is the real deal, impress me with your cooking skills waffles!  Well, to be honest, these waffles are not that complicated at all.  It was super easy to make them.  They are pretty fast too, it only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.


Egg Rolls

Homemade Egg Rolls This right here is where my love for cooking all started!  This is the best way to make crispy golden brown Egg Rolls at home.  My recipe includes a delicious filling of fresh cabbage and carrots and savory chicken.  You can change it up to make them with pork or shrimp if you prefer. (more…)

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