About Me

Hi There!

I’m Melissa Cruz, dedicated wife and proud stay-at-home mom of three. Preparing meals for my family is an everyday challenge, and my goal has always remained the same: To provide healthy, yet delicious food that my picky kids and husband will eat and enjoy!

As time has passed, I’ve developed a love for cooking but also an appreciation for the time, talent, and tools required when transitioning from ‘Hamburger Helper’, to more elaborate and complex meals. Which is why I’ve decided to create this site! To share my love for cooking and food with you!


My unofficial taste testers and kitchen assistants: (right to left) Katy, who enjoys my Asian inspired creations most of all and is quickly picking up baking. Next we have Tommy, with him, you just throw some bacon on, in, or around it and he’s in hog heaven! Last but not least, Teddy, who is an adventurous and fearless eater, he will eat pretty much anything, just add lots of spicy to it! Like most kids, getting them to eat the vegetables I prepare is always a battle, but I have tips to assist with that little problem😉.

Hippie Dog

Hippie, family member, ‘BOSS’ terrier, omnivore and part-time kitchen vacuum cleaner!

New Puppy

And please meet our newest fur-baby, Chopper, currently serving as assistant kitchen vacuum.

I absolutely love hearing from my readers. Please feel free to email me anytime at melc210@cookingwithmelissa.com.  I try super hard to respond to every email and comment I receive, but I may miss one or my spam folder likes to hide them from me.  If you have a specific question regarding a recipe…just leave a comment on the post! 

Once again…thank you for stopping by!



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